• No more toxic paint

    REN paint is completely free from microplastic, biocides, MI, volatile organic compounds,
    heavy metals, plasticizers, toxic components, etc.

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Professional result
– for new building and renovation

REN lime paint for effective
paint processes inside and out


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REN creates a healthy indoor climate

By simply being free from toxic substances, REN is the simple response to a bad indoor climate. REN is based on lime, which is part of our daily lives for example. in toothpaste and food.

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Paint needs to breathe!


REN is like lime one of the most diffusion-open treatments that can be performed.

We see damage every day on our buildings because of the choice of dense materials or materials that do not support the building’s need to breathe and get rid of moisture. Here plastics paintings carry a great deal of blame.

Buildings will always be exposed to moisture. It applies both from the outside in the form of rain and rainfall, from below in the form of ascending moisture and from inside in the form of steam.
If moisture can not escape from the building, moulds may occur, frost breaks in masonry and other damage to the building. Therefore, it is important to avoid moisture accumulation, by using a paint that can breathe and that supports moisture transport away from the building.

We have 40 years of experience in moisture transportation in buildings and know what it takes to ensure a long life without moisture damage. Our mission is to create breathable paints that support the transport of moisture out of the building quickly and naturally.

REN is mineral paint based on lime


The special mineral structure in the paint allows all types of painting tasks, both in new buildings and restoration, to be performed with the best results. The paint leaves a uniform expression, known from other paintings, and the end result is a beautiful lime-mat and textural surface.

In addition, the lime in REN Paint makes it chemically bind to the substrate and creates some kind of surface reinforcement. This makes it extremely strong and weather resistant and REN Paint, therefore, has a long lifespan.


REN has received top marks
in the strictest

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REN is free of plastic and can be included in nature’s circuit


One of the biggest environmental challenges is micro-plastic in nature’s circuits. Reports from the Environmental Protection Agency determines that paint, tires and clothing are the main sources of this pollution.

Although micro plastics simply are tiny pieces of plastic from eg paint, it poses a major problem for nature and ultimately for us humans. The microplate binds hazardous chemicals, and when animals and organisms absorb the plastic, both the plastic and the chemicals are returned to us, eg. through the food we eat.

It may sound strange that the majority of the world’s micro plastic pollution caused by paint. But plastic is among the preferred binders in paints and the most common way to produce paint on today. Therefore, virtually all types of paint on the market have a larger or less plastic content or are directly plastic based.

With REN, we present a paint that is completely free of plastic and designed to be part of nature’s circuit. The main ingredient is lime that originates from nature and, after use, the paint can be returned directly to nature


  • "What's good for renovation is REN"

    The painting company Peter Munck & Søn

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  • "REN is a quality product suitable for renovation tasks"

    The renovation company Peter Munck & Søn

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REN can be coloured in more than 700 NCS colours

HERE: NCS 1020 R10B

Global partnerships
– KALK A/S in cooperation
with Graphenstone

Global partnerships are the key to a sustainable future. Through partnerships, we can constantly create new and better products.

At KALK A/S we work with open and closed innovation processes. In cooperation with partners at home and abroad, we strive to deliver the most sustainable products on the market while at the same time the quality is top. It applies to all of our products, including our slaked lime, mortars, and now our paint series.

The first part of the REN series was developed in collaboration with Graphenstone, a Spanish pendant to KALK A/S. Both are specialists in sustainable solutions, conservation and restoration, and like KALK A/S, Graphenstone fights every day to ensure that our buildings are properly preserved and restored.

Graphenstone also possesses a large international knowledge network consisting of experts and knowledge institutions working to promote sustainability using new graphene technologies and knowledge included in the REN product.

Our attitude is that together we can develop better and more sustainable solutions. Partnerships between companies and global knowledge institutions provide excellent opportunities for innovation and the need to quickly get in the goal of sustainable agenda.