REN has got the top marks of the strictest
certification systems

For us, documentation is important when we speak sustainability. Not least because it helps to create greater transparency in a market where most talks about sustainability, but few do anything about it.

REN is a proven product and one of the paint products that have the most sustainability certifications and tests. The paint leans up on carefully selected certification schemes that represent what we believe are among the strictest. Our certifications are broken down by basic documentation and expanded documentation that targets both general sustainability criteria and against criteria for emissions of harmful substances.


AgBB and M1 are one respectively. German and Finnish scheme – and some of the arrangements to the most stringent requirements for the indoor climate. They are part of our extended documentation package. Testing according to these standards is our guarantee that REN is clean and without emissions of hazardous substances and does not contain volatile organic solvents. M1 is also the highest classification in the Finnish certification scheme and thus guarantees that the paint supports a good indoor climate. Read more about AgBB and M1 on eg.



Cradle2Cradle (C2C) is a global organization that is perhaps the world’s strictest certification. It is therefore difficult to achieve top marks within C2C, but REN is almost in the top with a gold level for REN and silver level for REN with colour. C2C reflects the overall sustainability profile of the product and considers purity/health, circular economy, renewable energy, water management and social fairness. Read more about C2C at