C2C certification at the gold level.

What does it mean?

REN has got a C2C certification at the gold level.
It is an outstanding achievement and means that:


REN does not contain harmful substances

The REN can be part of a biological (and technical) circuit after its end of life

REN is produced on biobased- and renewable energy (min. 50%)

REN as a workplace complies with the Global Code of Working Conditions and is committed to promoting conditions in the workplace in different ways

REN does not harm the water in the production phase but helps to promote water quality

A C2C certification is divided into five levels; base, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Although a basic certification does not have the big demands, it is difficult to obtain silver, gold and platinum. In addition, it is embedded in the certification that changes are going on continuously so that you do not stay at the same level.

In addition to the five levels, it is necessary to relate to five categories – purity/health, recycling / circular economy, renewable energy, social fairness and water management.

We are very proud of our C2C certificating the gold level. We are also proud of our silver certification for REN with colour, which means that the paint can be documented almost 100% biodegradable/recyclable and 100% free of harmful substances. We are working to get our tinted products certified at the Gold level.