“REN is a quality product suitable for renovation tasks”

The painting company Peter Munck & Son has used REN Wall Paint in connection with the renovation of heavy brick walls in one of the finest rococo palaces in Frederiksstaden.


– It is important that especially older buildings can breathe and lead moisture away from the building. Lime is perfect for the task, but where traditional liming has limitations in relation to the surfaces to be painted, REN Wall Paint can hold on most building materials. REN Wall paint is a diffusion-open lime paint with the same good properties as lime; it provides a good, breathable environment for building and appears with a nice, matte and textural appearance!

The paints we use today both indoors and outdoors bear a great deal of blame for the bad indoor climate, both directly with emissions of harmful substances, and indirectly by preventing buildings from breathing, which can cause moisture and fungal damage.

“This is really a paint that works,” says quality manager Amalie Clemént from the painter firm Peter Munck & Søn

“REN Wall paint has very good application properties. The paint can be applied with a roller, covers well and is extremely professional to work with. And then it is a clear advantage that REN Wall Paint has properties like lime and can also stick to previously painted surfaces such as silicate and mat plastic paint. “



Place: Frederiksstaden, Copenhagen
Project definition: ascending ground moisture
Year: 2017
Painter company: Malerfirmaet Peter Munck & Søn